The Leadership 30 is a leadership development program, the first of its kind in India and only the second
in the world, that aims at developing leaders that can shape the communities in a more inclusive and
innovative manner. There are various perspectives on how developmental problems can be solved, but
we are of the firm belief that at this point, what we as a society need more than anything else in order to
solve developmental problems is leaders that can not only envision the problems as opportunities for
growth but create a sustainable future that we all can be proud to be a part of.


The awareness about SDGs in India is negligible. The need of the hour is action. The Leadership 30 (TL
30) program is an impact-driven program striving to achieve the 17 SDGs laid down by the UN in a unique
way. The TL 30 will consist of 30 progressive, fearless, intelligent and innovative youth that will change
the way the world understands, innovates and implements these SDGs.
1. Creating awareness about the SDGs among the youth of the country.
2. The programs aims to be a catalyst for the leaders to develop optimum solutions to relevant

3. Implementing models and plans to resurrect and uplift the nation.


Naved Shaikh


Founder & President of Humanity First Foundation which aims to teach youth nationwide about Human Rights and promoting social welfare, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of Tolerance and Peace. It is one of the largest human rights organizations in the country with over 50,000 members.

 Dr.Satesh Nadela

Co-founder of DO Donate Organs, an organization which encourages donations through educating people about the real need and nobility of organ donation and explains its benefits through a comprehensive outreach plan and advertising

 Dr.Amarpreet Singh Ghura 

Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and the Co Founder of Indian DriversDatabase Incorporation,
Amarpreet was also the Case Writing Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and was the recipient of the IIM A Best Case Writer Award 2017.

 Dr.Wishwas Julka

Vice President – Global Tata Groups.Four National awards winner including Business leader of the year.Wishwas is also the most admired leader in India for skill development.

 Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani

Bollywood celebrity tarot card reder, Jyoti has been awarded the world woman award and the Nirbhaya Ratna Award both in 2018 for her work.

        Pankaj Dixit

Co-founder and trustee -Liter of light.Pankaj is  also the author of “Essence Of A Fullfilling Relationship”.He is also a well respected leadership Coach.

  Dr. Rekha Gour

Member of the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research ad Education in Cancer (ACTREC)

                   Jeet Singh

Judge on a Dance Reality Show called HONHAAR which was aired on E24. He has a vast experience of over 25 years in the bollywood industry and has worked with renowned choreographers such as Remo Dsouza.

 Rohit Mishra 


Rohit has an experience of 15 years in the education sector, and is one of the best known quantitative faculty in the country. He was previously the state head at Jammu and Kashmir for Career Launcher.


    Abdul Hamid Bhatt

Abdul is known as the “Tree Man Of Kashmir.” He has planted more than 1.2 lakh trees across Kasmir, and has been awarded several times for his work. He is  a visiting faculty at Harvard Business School, Boston, as well as a host of prominent asian institutes of higher studies.


Nivesh Raj


Nivesh has been a Delegate to The Youth Assembly at United Nations, and a Youth Delegate to The Global Festival of Action. Nivesh has also been heavily involved with youth development as the Vice President of Humanity first Foundation and the Co-founder and CEO of Step Up For Healthy India.

     Aditya Tarale


Aditya was an Indian Delegate to the Youth Assembly at United Nations. He is the current National Vice President elect for AIESEC in Denmark, and has been a Vice President at AIESEC in Navi Mumbai.

 Abhijeet Raj

Director, Research and Development 

 Abhijeet is the Co-Founder of Back Prop technologies.Previously he has worked at Paytm  and Goldman Sachs. He is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Kharagpur.


Shloka Dhanu

Director, Communicatons and Strategy

Shloka is the Co-Founder of Map My University, a free online portal that strives to provide students with the right guidance they need for higher education.

   Mehar Satsangi   


 Mehar Satsangi is an alumnus of St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has worked in the Financial Services Sector for the past 3 years as part of the Business Excellence and Office of Strategy Management Team at Tata Capital, the Tata Group’s flagship financial services company.


Ira Toraskar

Director, People Management

Ira was previously the Vice President for Talent Management for AIESEC in Navi Mumbai, and is currently working on structuring the people management strategies. 

Rashika Sharma

Director, Finance and Legal

Rashika is an alumnus of the Indian Law Society’s Law College in Pune, and is currently working with ICICI Bank as a Legal Manager in the Corporate Legal Group

Abhinav Ravi 

 Country Manager –  Finance 

 Abhinav is the Student Body President for Step Up For Healthy India where he is responsible for conceptualizing social media & student ambassadorship activities.He is an MBA candidate at the Indian School of Business through the Young Leaders Program.


Darshan Nandekar

Youth Outreach Head, India

Darshan was previously the president of Student Council at Manipal University, and  is a very popular figure in the local student circles

Navyatha Bhatt

Country Manager, Strategy

Navyatha is currently an MBA candidate at Kellogg School of Business, and is working with the Dow Chemical Company where she was the Asia Pacific Winner of the Global T2 award  to drive sustainability project to convert non-recyclable packaging to recyclable to address plastic waste problem of India.


Country Manager, Healthcare Services

Preshita is a practicing dentist. Preshita believes that healthcare should be provided to all and is associated with various NGOs working at grassroot levels. She is managing the healthcare services for the program.


Country Manager, Energy and Resources Division

Rajiv is currently a Petroleum Engineer with Raeon Energy Services LLP. He is also the General Secretary at Step Up For Healthy India that aids and spreads awareness of health, hygiene and sanitation across all communities in India.


We thank every single organization we had the honour of working with so far in creating “The Leadership 30”.

We’re changing the way leadership is known.


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In 2015, the nations of the world agreed on a plan to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. The plan is called the Sustainable Development Goals. The Leadership 30 is leading the charge, but we can’t do it alone.

Be a part of this historic effort.